Quarterly Insurtech Briefing Q1 2020

By Willis Towers Watson

Globally, InsurTech companies managed to raise US$912 million across 96 deals in Q1, but most of this was captured and completed at the beginning of the quarter. The year 2020 began on the same trajectory on which the previous year concluded. By January 3, almost US$82 million had been raised; by February 6, that figure was just over US$450 million. But it took until the end of March — the rest of the quarter — to double that amount. In short, almost half of the total amount raised in Q1 was raised in the first 35 days of a 91-day quarter. From March 10 to quarter-end, “only” an additional US$108 million was raised. Again, in short, the first three days of Q1 saw almost the same amount of money raised as the last three weeks of Q1.

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