Future InsurTech Venture Financings Could Face a Coronavirus Slowdown

By Carrier Management

While InsurTech venture capital financings already in the pipeline appear to be going forward, the likelihood of future deals could be uncertain in light of the coronavirus pandemic. An InsurTech expert commented on the subject:

“It seems that deals that were almost closed have not been stopped, even if the formalization process was not completed . . . not expecting that anyone is going to commit to new investments before there is some visibility about what is going to happen with the coronavirus issue.”

Some investors have noted that investments are proceeding, with or without the pandemic. Another positive outlook from the InsurTech community is that this may offer an opportunity for growth for companies that have mobile first, technical infrastructure and direct sales approaches that could be an advantage during this period where in-person and  face-to-face contact must be avoided due to the virus concerns.

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