Cybersecurity: Linchpin of the Digital Enterprise

By McKinsey & Co

As companies digitize businesses and automate operations, cyber risks proliferate, necessitating cybersecurity organizations to support a secure digital agenda. Two consistent and related themes in enterprise technology have emerged in recent years, both involving rapid and dramatic change:

the risk of the digital enterprise across sectors and internationally; and

the need for IT to react quickly and develop innovations aggressively to meet the enterprise’s digital aspirations.

IT organizations seek to digitize many face significant cybersecurity challenges. At company after company, fundamental tensions arise between the business’s need to digitize and the cybersecurity team’s responsibility to protect the organization, its employees, and its customers within existing cyber operating models and practices.

If cybersecurity teams are to avoid becoming barriers to digitization and instead become its enablers, they must transform their capabilities along three dimensions. They must improve risk management, applying quantitative risk analytics. They must build cybersecurity directly into businesses’ value chains. And they must support the next generation of enterprise-technology platforms, which include innovations like agile development, robotics, and cloud-based operating models.

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