Cloudy With A Chance of Automation: Automated Security Services Essential For Cloud Security

By SC Magazine

Enterprise cloud operations are expanding and maturing, but as with any natural maturation, inevitable growing pains must be endured and overcome.

As organizations increasingly migrate operations to the cloud providers, security experts rapidly are realizing that automated cloud security services are essential to mitigate risk in these environments. These cloud services continue to learn – even once the applications are firmly ensconced in the cloud, automated security operations do not end.

“With the accelerating use of cloud solutions and connected devices, evolving cyber threats and changing regulatory landscapes, data privacy and cybersecurity are top priorities for businesses,” says Linda Rhodes, attorney and partner in Mayer Brown LLP’s technology transactions legal practice in Washington, D.C. “At the same time, big data, combined with mass computing power, is fueling the advancement and sophistication of automation and artificial intelligence, which opens up the potential for tackling difficult data privacy and cybersecurity issues.”

Indeed, since the financial, operational and even security benefits of cloud environments are becoming sharply clear for a growing number of enterprises, they recognize that they must learn how to best make it all work.

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