Car Companies Sharpen Focus on Curbing Distracted Driving

By Wall Street Journal

Carmakers are installing cameras and other monitoring technology in vehicles to help tackle the rising problem of distracted driving.

Volvo plans to roll out new eye-tracking devices across its lineup over the next few years, which would send an alert or even limit a car’s speed whenever its driver’s eyes are averted for too long. Last year, Subaru Corp. installed a driver-monitoring system on its Forester crossover that beeps if drivers’ eyelids droop or their focus drifts from the road for extended periods. Other automakers are using detection software that uses sensors designed to determine fatigue or inattention by monitoring a driver’s steering patterns and how frequently a car drifts out of its lane.

However, driver-monitoring technologies are largely unproven because they are so new, and many such systems are still optional and not standard on all vehicle models.

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